What If You Could Uncover Your NICHE…

And Attract The Dream Clients Who Want To Pay For Your High-Ticket Offers? 
(without any of the guesswork?)

Entrepreneurs Who Know Their Niche Get Paid Big Bucks By Their Dream Clients For Their  High-Ticket Offers

However, there’s a big problem!

Not many people know this, but…

90% Entrepreneurs start their own business without having any particular Niche in mind. 

And they end up shutting shop within a year!!!

While the entrepreneurs who run their business in their chosen niche enjoy:

  • The perks of being the thought leaders in their community, and.
  • Have the ability to charge high-ticket prices for providing their expertise
Some discover their Niche via chance.

Some trust their gut instinct and see where it leads them to.

And some, like you, want a definitive guide to uncovering your Niche so that you can find your Soulmate Clients.

It’s a difficult world out there for coaches who don’t know their niche. 

There are thousands of coaches vying for attention in a sea of clients who may or may not choose them.

And if you’re unsure of the actions that you need to take in order to stand out and attract your ideal clients...

I hate to break it to you, but you’re in for a tough ride.

I Understand That Your Business Hasn’t Been Easy.
Tell Me IF You Feel Like This...

  • You’re doing a million different things, but you’re frustrated because you’re still unable to attract your ideal clients.
  • ​You’re posting on social media, you’re showing up online, uploading videos, participating in groups trying to connect with your ‘ideal clients’… but NOTHING WORKS!
  • You’re spending more money on your business than you’re bringing in
  • And I don’t mean courses or workshops, I mean that your business expenses are running higher than your net revenue and you’re dangerously close to the red line.
  • You’re trying hard to capture the attention of your ideal client but they keep running away from you instead…
  • ​You believe you know who your ideal client is and what they want, but you don’t know why they’re always running away from you and choosing to pay someone else instead!
  • You believe that you have the ability to help hundreds, if not thousands of people, if just more of them paid attention to what you have to offer
  • Your problem isn’t you or your business, it is WHO you are trying to sell to and WHAT is the Offer that you’re trying to promote…
  • Your marketing feels like a stab in the dark rather than a strategic action taken to communicate with your ideal clients
  • Your social media messaging is inconsistent, you’re changing your title everyday hoping *this one* is the *one* that brings you clients…
  • You’re trying to replicate what leaders in the industry are doing
  • You’re watching the industry leaders like a hawk and taking notes. But copying what they’re doing isn't working as well as you’d thought…

Fortunately For You… There’s a Better Way!

If being an Entrepreneur and Impacting Lives’ is Your Dream, then You’re Going To Love The ‘Niched’ Ebook, where I lay down straight my learnings over the years as an Entrepreneur and Why Finding a Niche is Secret To Your Success.

Along with a clear-cut ACTION PLAN that you can follow to discover your own unique Niche and attract ideal clients who want to pay for your high-ticket services.

If You’re Finally Ready To Do This The Right Way…

Then The NICHED Ebook is Your Guide To:
  • Uncovering your Niche and discovering your soulmate clients and how you’re meant to serve them.
  • ​Finding your highest mission and purpose so that you can focus on creating impact where it matters most
  • ​Learning how to craft irresistible offers and attracting high-paying clients using your own voice.
  • ​Getting over Imposter Syndrome and becoming an Expert in your chosen niche and differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • Connecting with your most authentic self by discovering who you are and what you were BORN to do.
  • ​Finding Perfect Alignment with the Niche you're in and the clients you want to serve.
If I had a dollar for every single time I heard a person say, “But I don’t know what my niche is”.

I’d be way too wealthy, but that’s beside the point.

I get messages from so many people who want to begin their entrepreneurial journey but are unsure of what they should actually be doing.

The good news is that you already know deep-down what you’re passionate about. 

It will just require intentional mindset work on your part to unlock it.

Don’t let anybody else dictate what your niche should be.

You already know your truth and this book is going to be your companion on this inward journey.

The ‘Niched’ book is not just about finding your Niche, it is SO much more than that.

Simply put? 

This book is your secret weapon to creating a business where you’re attracting your ideal clients who are happily paying for your high-ticket offers.

This book is meant for anyone who is looking to make their mark in the Coaching industry. 

You could be a newbie or an industry veteran, but I can guarantee that this book will help you see your business in a new light and provide you with actionable steps for scaling your business to 6 figures & beyond…

There’s More To The ‘Niched’ Book Than Just Helping You Find Your Niche!

The ‘Niched’ Ebook has 6 laser focused chapters with no beating around the bush.

It’s EXACTLY what you need in order to create massive shifts within yourself, your skills, your mindset and your actions.

The ‘Niched’ Book Focuses on the Following:

  • Mistakes To Avoid
  • ​The Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make When Starting Out 
  • Why a Niche
  • 10 Reasons Why 90% Coaches Don’t Survive Their First Year of Business 
  • Your Purpose
  • How to Find Your Highest Mission & Purpose
  • Clients
  • How To Identify & Attract Your Soulmate Clients
  • How To Find Your Niche
  • How To Uncover Your Soul-Aligned & Highly-Profitable Niche
  • Your Offer
  • How To Clarify Your Coaching Offer

And The Next Actionable Steps To:

  • Refine Your Offer & Niche with me
  • ​Develop Your Offer into a High-Ticket Program
  • ​Welcome The Mindset For Success To Unlock a Life of Abundance & Impact

Say Goodbye To Niche-Hopping With Exclusive Access To These Amazing FREE Bonuses:

You will get it all When You Buy The ‘Niched’ Ebook Today!


This 2 Day Workshop Replay will give you a rare behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to plant the SEEDS of expansion in your business and then what it takes for your SEEDS to SPROUT and BLOOM in 2021.
You Will Learn:
  • The step-by-step process for scaling your coaching or consulting business to six-figures, multiple 6-figures and beyond;
  • ​The ABS Formula for creating a high-conversion, high ticket funnel
  • ​The systems, processes and automations tools you need to scale;
  • ​What's working right now on social media in 2021 for growing your business;
  • ​The biggest mindset blocks and self-sabotage patterns that stop entrepreneurs from breaking through their revenue ceiling; and
  • ​My favorite "manifestation hacks" that I use daily to create multiple 5-figure months in my business with ease.

‘Niched’ Workbook

A 30-page Workbook designed to be the companion to the ‘Niched’ Book.
The ‘Niched’ Workbook Will:
  • Act as a companion to the ebook and is meant to be used as you’re making progress with the book
  • ​Become your journal for the deep mindset work that you must do before you can uncover your niche
  • ​Help you do the work in uncovering your niche with actionable exercises
  • ​Give you adequate space to note down all the thoughts and ideas that flow through you

List of Top 25 Coaching Niches in 2021

Discover The Most Popular Niches of 2021 that attract premium clients.

This PDF will give you exclusive insight into the Top 25 Coaching Niches in 2021.

I’ve hand-picked the best-performing Niches in the Coaching Industry and added them to this list because they command a premium and attract high-paying clients.


Hi, I’m Loren Trlin and I’m an online business coach and entrepreneur. I’m here to serve conscious coaches and entrepreneurs so that they can positively impact their community and the world.

I had no desire to be a coach when I quit my job as a lawyer in 2014. I just knew I was ready to start a business and be of service to humanity.

A personal family tragedy at the age of 23 led me down a path to discovering personal development, human consciousness and spirituality.

The culmination of that journey and the tens of thousands of dollars I invested into that process led me to start my Life Coaching business in 2016 by helping people find their life’s mission and purpose.

Since then, I have served hundreds of clients and over a thousand students all around the world. I’ve lived in multiple countries, worked with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet and have had the great privilege of creating an abundant life that I am deeply in love with.


How Would Your Coaching Business Change If You Could:

  • Generate leads with confidence, knowing that doubt, worry or imposter syndrome isn’t holding you back. 
  • ​Stop trying to convince people that you have value to offer and have them come to you instead.
  • Stop worrying where your next client is coming from - word of mouth or referrals is good, but highly inconsistent.
  • Magnetically attract your soulmate clients and build a tribe of dream customers who are excited and waiting to buy from you.
  • Become the thought-leader & top-most authority in a niche where your ideal clients are willing to buy your high-ticket offers because of your expertise & skill set.
  • Build more freedom and revenue in your business so than you can focus on living the life you want while creating impact.

If you want to attract all this and more in your life...

Time Is Of The Essence

I created this book and added in the FREE bonuses with a very special purpose

You were put on this planet with a specific mission & purpose.

I want to be the person who guides you and helps you discover your unique talents so that you can add value to those around you.

But, because this offer is so incredible, I can’t leave it on here forever. 
You can hop onto this page and purchase the book whenever you’d like, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll receive the same Bonuses that are here right now.

If you’re truly ready to discover your Niche and attract your dream clients to your high-ticket offers, I want you to take ACTION and make your PURCHASE right away.

These BONUSES are too good to miss out on!!

If you purchase your copy of the NICHED Ebook Right Now...

You Get:

  • The Complete ‘Niched’ Ebook [Value - $27]
  • Bonus #1: Access To Bloom Workshop - 2 Days [Value - $ 157]
  • Bonus #2: The ‘Niched’ Companion Workbook [Value - $17]
  • Bonus #3: List of The Top 25 Coaching Niches in 2021 [Value - $21]

Total Value: $222
If You Buy Right Now: ONLY $7

(Limited Time Offer)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already chosen a Niche, do I still need this book?
If you ever find yourself second-guessing your current Niche, there’s a good chance that it might not be the right one for you.
It’s never too late to check if there’s another Niche that is better suited to your particular skills and interests where you’ll thrive!
I’m just starting my business, is this right for me?
If you’re just getting started, having clarity over your niche will give you a headstart over your competitors and help you create an aligned business that focuses on serving your most ideal clients. 
This Masterclass is perfect if you’re just getting started.
How will I receive the Workbook & List of Top 25 Niches PDF?
After you’ve purchased & received the ‘Niched’ ebook in your email, you will immediately receive another email with the Workbook & the List of Top 25 Niches in 2021 PDF.
Do I need the Workbook to discover my Niche?
The Workbook is designed to help you take immediate action on the learnings from the ‘Niched’ ebook. It is designed as a companion that will help you dig deeper into yourself and help you uncover your ideal niche. 
How do I receive access to the Bloom Workshop?
You will receive details on how to access the Bloom Workshop in your email. 
What if I have more questions?
You can always email my team at purpose@lorentrlin.com and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. 

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